A Bit About Me


How do you do, stranger?


How do you do, stranger?

If you’re reading this, it means you’re trying to get to know me. That’s very sweet.

As of right now, I currently find myself in Bellevue, Washington. However, when the itch arises again, I’ll be somewhere on the road, traveling about.

My music playlist on those trips is undefined and random. One moment I’ll be listening to Elvis, followed by the Gorillaz, and after that Def Leppard. On my travels, I’m always joined by my shattered laptop, Count Of The Monte Cristo, DC: The New Frontier, a record with no record player and obsession for coffee, tea, and writing.

That writing tends to be in the categories of: graphic novels, comic books, short stories, and stories somehow even shorter than that.

The goal I strive for every time I write is to bring you pure joy, utter confusion, unrelenting laughter, immense rage and throw you into an abyss of sadness. If you want to feel some of that, read a bit of my work. I have short stories around here and my ongoing series “Nothing More, Nothing Less” a decadent sweet treat of easy bite-sized 100-word stories. They will make you feel okay about not touching the book you’ve had on your desk for over a year.

If you’re looking to team up, entice me, or just want to ask a general question, feel free to send a message. I’ll always do my best to personally respond.

Currently, I’m working on my first unofficially announced graphic novel project... Spoiler, it’s called “Color Me Scared” and it’s great. I have a fantastic 28 page zine of it! It’s in the Writing Corner, but if you would like a physical copy, send a message.


I'm active on Instagram... sometimes. Go ahead and stalk my personal account.

On there, I tend to post more of myself, my day-to-day, and bits of my travels.

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This one right here, it’s my writing account. Feel free to stalk this one as well.

I actually post on this account. Here you will find bits of my writing paired alongside videos of nice scenery I come across in my travels. Also, here is where you will find whatever updates may occur as far as my stories are concerned.

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